Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My last post was written in a hazy place of waiting and longing for change. And then change came. It came quickly, before I had a chance to write my "day in the life" post. My days are very different now from what they were, although my physical surroundings haven't changed much yet. First I felt breathless and overwhelmed by everything, like I had opened my mouth for a drink and a giant waterfall rushed into me. I went from thirsty to... drowny!

But things have settled down. There is still a lot of change in the air but I feel like the worst part of adapting is over for now. We're moving in three weeks and I'm not looking forward to re-adapting to city living and a small yard, but the adaptations that come with moving feel very familiar to me, even though every set of circumstances is unique. What had me most worried over the past several weeks was whether or not I would be suited to my new (very part-time) work and whether or not horrendous nausea would plague me every day of my first trimester.

Did I mention I'm pregnant?

As it turns out, the work is going okay, and the nausea was short-lived. Thank heavens.

I'll be twelve weeks along with this darling third babe in a couple of days and my energy is starting to make a comeback. I feel voraciously hungry, which is a problem because I have a distinct revulsion towards cooking. I have no desire to handle food if it's not to eat it, and what little pleasure I had in cooking before I got pregnant has disappeared. Almost a whole garden row of bok choy went to waste during the worst of my first trimester because I couldn't bring myself to do anything with it.

My creativity has also been on break. I really didn't feel like writing an update, but I felt like I owed some kind of update after my last post! I told you all to stay tuned and then delivered lots of blank silence. I hope none of you passed out holding your breath while you waited for me to write..

The truth is, I'll always remember our time here happily. It was the first time in the history of Chris' and my marriage that we stayed put for longer than a year. I don't know how we'll bear to tear up all these roots we've put down! Just kidding. We made sure to keep our roots tiny. They're practically gone already. But. Each place we've lived in as a family is precious to me because they've all been mighty instruments in teaching me something new about life, about myself, about God. And each of them holds a particularly precious piece of my children's childhood. Our family conversations are sprinkled with phrases like, "Remember when we lived at the barn..." and "Fort Wayne had the best apples.." and "It can't be as bad as Muncie." and "This place is just like that place in Atlanta.." and sometimes made-up memories like, "Remember when we used to live in China and drink smoothies?" That last one came from one of our kids who was having a hard time keeping track of all the places we've lived. HA.

This next move will be our ninth, and Chris and I have been married six years. He asked me once, "Of all the places we've lived, which one do you wish we'd stayed in?" I thought about it and it didn't take me long to come to the conclusion that I wouldn't choose any of the places. Our life experiences together have been a little unconventional, and at times I've wondered if that's because we lack maturity and stability. I can't really vouch for our maturity or our stability, but I do know that in each new place we've lived we have GAINED maturity that we didn't have before. We're weaving together a rich tapestry of experiences, stories that we will tell and re-tell each other for years.

For now we have three more weeks living in this cute little cabin by this bumpy dirt road. Lately whenever we drive down it I feel thankful that soon we'll be living on a real asphalt street again. With all the rain we've been having in the last several months our dirt road is worse than some third world country roads I've been on. I can only imagine myself in labor, bouncing along it and moo-aning like the cows we pass. I actually put my feet on the dashboard and enacted the scenario for Chris so he could be thankful also. He joined me in the debacle by singing "This girl is on fire!" but substituted the word "girl" for "ring." Sigh. Where's my crazy husband emoji?

Well, all this writing made me work up an appetite. I had better go find something to eat before the boys come in and run into Hangry Mommy. That never ends well. Hope this sufficed for an update. ;)


  1. I passed out holding my breath waiting for this update. But it was TOTALLY worth it. Love the post, love the adorable boys pictured in your photos. Love the fact that you think positively.
    I chose to post this anonymously as it's easier than signing in to my google account. Guess you'll just have to wonder who I am.

    1. Thank you! Hm. I can't imagine. ;)