Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Six Years

This past weekend Chris and I celebrated six years of marriage. Six years of laughter and fun and.... finding ourselves in interesting situations. Luckily for us (oh so luckily) our anniversary celebration was very reminiscent of our years together.

There were the moments that made sense. Like dropping the kids off at my sister's house, and going to set up camp by the lake (camping for anniversaries has become a fun tradition). We got all set up and tried not to mind that we weren't in a secluded spot by the water. We could see the water from our tent, that was nice, right? And surely our neighbors wouldn't be problematic! So we left the campgrounds and went out for a romantic dinner and talked and laughed and were generally silly together. It was great. Then we went back to our campsite and sat around the fire for a bit until we decided to get in our cozy tent and watch a movie on Chris' phone. 

Chris at our campsite giving me his best "in love" look. <><>  Before we left. Our little guys waiting for their own adventure with Auntie.

Now for the moments that didn't make sense. First of all, it turned out that our next door camping buddies were a group of about 35 college-age guys who made so much of a racket doing WHO KNOWS WHAT, we might as well have been camping beside a football stadium full of shouting sports fans. I mean, really. They were incredibly loud, well into the night and morning. It was not cool. Even not cooler still was the moment when, upon deciding to sleep, I couldn't find my beloved ear plugs. If you know me you know that not having my earplugs when I need them is like not having my lungs when I want to breathe or my heart when I want to live. It's devastating. I managed to get to sleep somehow, despite the noise next door, only to wake up repeatedly during the night to the clamor of loud men and the realization that sleeping on the ground with no mattress should really be avoided whenever possible. My poor bony hips. Let's just say we didn't do the best planning in preparation for our little couple's expedition...

The following morning I woke up tired and grumpy and Chris and I had words. Meanwhile the wind outside our tent had picked up so strongly that it started to blow our tent away. Stakes were coming out of the ground, and the whole side of the tent was whipping us in the face as we had our sad little discussion. Next thing I knew the wind had blown our canvas chair into the campfire and it was happily burning away. I darted over and pulled the chair out of the fire (while Chris stayed in the tent to keep it anchored to the ground) and stomped out the fire, only to glance over at the fire pit again and see my phone in the fire. It had been in the arm of the chair when the chair blew into the fire.

These were the moments that didn't make sense. The interesting moments. Like I said, reminiscent of life. 

All fresh and frizzy and ready for the day. <><> I think it's obvious to see why Chris has stuck around for all these years. ;)

But then, like always, things got better. I pulled my phone out of the fire before Chris even noticed it was in there (muahahaha) and it was miraculously okay. We packed up our campsite and left, leaving behind every unpleasant thing we could, including our petty fight. We laughed at our misfortunes and decided to do a better job of planning next year. 

The truth is, every year we spend together we learn such valuable lessons. (Like the one year we camped on a hillside and I accidentally let the car roll down the hill until it hit a tree. That was another great year and another great lesson...) I'm thankful for this guy and I'm thankful for the life we're making together. I'm thankful that we've always come out on the other side of whatever lame things we've gone through together. And I'm thankful that he's a better man than I knew when I married him.

I love you, babe. Sadly you're working so you can't see it right now, but I want you to know I'm giving you my best "in love" face. ;) 


  1. Reminds me of a camping trip your dad and I went on early in our marriage. Argh!!! It was awful.
    But we did learn lessons. Thank you for letting us, the public, in on your sweet night, and thank you
    for always seeing the bright side of things. How would you like to come to warm, balmy Indiana for Thanksgiving?

    1. Ha! Suuure. And that sounds tempting and misleading. ;) How about you come to an actually balmy Texas for an after-Thanksgiving party! We'll bake pies and make Mr. Potato heads with poodle hair and forage for greens and spin our own yarn and fluff the feathers of chickens and it'll be the best after-Thanksgiving party ever! Eh eh eh?

    2. I'd love to! How's about we all go to Souf (sic) Africa and fluff chickens? I just read this post for the second time, and I laughed just as much or more as the first time I read it. I love ageing. Have you begun to plan for your next camping trip? Asbestos lawn chair, parking brake on car, phone on chain around neck, double stakes on tent, earplulgs, (I could start a business helping folks to plan camping trips!)

    3. Ha! I love your aging, too. ;) That sounds like a great idea. The chicken fluffing and the fool-proof camping! Let's do it.

  2. Thanks love! I heart your face! And I miss the way you make me laugh! :( :D