Saturday, September 6, 2014

Not bad for a back yard.

We live with my in-laws. Not in the same house as they do, but next to them. And sandwiched in between the two houses are two other little abodes (homes would be a fancy word for them, ha) where my sisters-in-law live. We all have our own space but we're all together, and I really like it. The two houses and the uh... abodes... are set on a few acres of land, of which the front part is pretty well occupied with stuff and buildings and sheds.

But the back yard. That's my favorite. It's a great big overgrown lot full of grass and brush and weeds of every kind. Maybe it doesn't sound like a wonderland, but the last place we lived in was a townhouse with no yard, and my crunchy soul was dying a slow death with no dirt to play with or grass to run through with my bare feet. That, and I couldn't just tell the boys to go outside to play when they got wild. Instead it was always, "Shhhh, stop screaming, we don't want to bother the neighbors." all day long. They lived with the idea that we had perpetually sleeping neighbors who mustn't be woken up. 

So this is definitely an improvement. There's all sorts of fun to be had outside, and yelling and shouting to be made up for. Although, summer hasn't exactly been inviting. We left Indiana months ago in the thick of a snowfall, and when we came down South it was springtime already. Spring lasted a nice long while, healing us of the previous months of snow and cold. But now we're in the thick of Texas summer. The only way you'd want to be outside during the day is if you and all your clothing were soaking wet and you were sitting in the shade. (Is that a weird sounding scenario? 'Cause it happens to me all the time, for some reason. :P)

On these hot summer days we usually go out after the hottest part of the day, right before dusk. Coiiiincideeeentally, that also happens to be one of the prettiest times of the day to take pictures. Which means I'm pulling out my big (non iphone) camera, willing myself to get past my hang-ups and just grow, grow, grow. I won't be satisfied until I can figure out how to take what I see in my head and put it into my camera.

Duncan examining a lovely butterfly. Butterflies are like magic to me.

So, moving along. To complete the picture of where we're at now...

I stay at home with the boys. Duncan is five and Phineas is three.
We've started homeschooling.
I have an adorable conure who is feisty as can be, but when he's sleepy enough he lets me kiss his silky back feathers repeatedly and all is well.
We don't own a dog but we are surrounded by them regularly because there are six of them who live on the premises, and their main job around here is to handle inventory reduction. If there is something you have and you're not sure what to do with, just set it in the yard or leave it on your porch, and they will take care of it for you. When they're done with it and all that remains of it are small bits of chewed-up rubbish, there will be no doubt in your mind about what to do with it. Into the trash it goes.
Also, there is a horse constantly in the yard that belongs to the neighbor. She doesn't have a name, but I call her Jorsefina (pronounced horsayfina) because her owner's name is José and there's a funny backstory that won't be funny if I try to write it out. 

That's it for now, lovelies. There's a bed and a book somewhere that are calling my name. 


  1. I'm so glad you're back. I like your style.

  2. Oh my dearest Hannah. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I miss you all so. Great pictures.