Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall is here. There are no colorful trees to remind me of that, but I know it's here because the weather is nice, the grass is browner than ever, and people have started posting pictures of pumpkins and apple orchards on Instagram. What would I do without Instagram?! ;)

With all this nice weather I've been feeling the urge to be outside more often, so I've started prepping my garden plot for next spring. (Assuming we're still here, you never know with us nomads.) Nothing excites me quite like gardening plans. Whenever I'm hanging out with someone and there's a lull in the conversation I always want to talk about my garden. True story. In fact, let's pretend there's a lull in the conversation here.


"So I'm thinking I'll try the 'Back to Eden' method for at least one of my garden plots next spring, but first I have to work on my poop collection and get the compost pile functional."

Totally normal, right? In case you wondered what my poop collection is... don't be alarmed, it's not actually MY poop (which I would never, ever talk about on my blog, gasp); it's horse droppings. I'm going on regular manure collecting expeditions in the back yard to gather up Jorsefina's dry poo as natural, organic fertilizer for my garden. If I gather it now during the fall it will compost over the winter months and be ready to go by spring. Hurrah!

Jorsefina usually comes to us when she sees us, hoping for an apple or some other treat. Instead she often finds us with only a bucket of poo. She sniffs the bucket, sniffs me, tries to nibble me, and then wanders off in search of more delicious things.

I was actually trying to take pictures of the boys sans horse, but as you can see above, she kept photobombing.


When I started writing this post I was sitting on the love seat in the living room and it was naptime. All was calm. Sometime during the course of my writing a pair of tiny hands crept into my line of vision, followed by a five-year-old who was pulling himself along the floor like a very giant, very sneaky inchworm. Somehow he thinks if he quietly sneaks out of bed and inchworms his way into my presence I won't tell him to go back to bed. It's as if to say, "Look Mommy, I'm quiet and small and you won't even notice I'm here if you let me stay out of bed." HAH. Very clever, but I won't fall for that one again!


  1. Jorsefina! Love her name! Hannah, you are so funny.
    Thank you for posting pictures of your sons.
    Yay for horse poop...shades of the hortaliza in Poptun.
    Cute story about Duncan the inchworm! My comments are disjointed, but heartfelt.

    1. Thanks for always thinking I'm funny. When I have no one else, I still have you to laugh at my jokes. ;) Yes, yay for horsey poopey. So useful.

      I love you!

  2. Spring is here. There is no visible change in the foliage around us, but the shadows have shifted in the yard so I can dry clothes rather quickly :-) We are home again, after 10 weeks on the road, and delighted to be here. Nathanael doesn't admit he knows us yet, and Connie's a little shy, but very flirty with her Uncle Paul. Daniel's his normal ol' Joshua-loving self. Only he's 6 now-quite the big dude! We can thank your Aunt Grace we get to be home for a month at least, as she's coming and we feel bound to welcome her. I

    1. Wonderful! I remember spending a few months of spring/summer with y'all... it was lovely. :) I hope you have a good time with Aunt Grace!