Friday, August 9, 2013

Park Days

I've been trying to make a point of getting outside with the boys most weekdays. A chill has crept into the air during the past couple of weeks and it reminded me that summer won't last forever. I can't let these days slip by me without making the best of them. There are a lot of lovely parks around here and I've made it my unofficial goal to explore them and discover each of their charms.

The boys weren't very keen on posing for pictures, since it was well past their naptime. But they tried.

Here they are, telling me I exceeded my picture-taking limit. Time to move on.

With the boys off romping in the playground, I moved on to taking pictures of the more cooperative scenery. 

I was taking pictures of flowers, but there were bugs on the flowers so I figured I would include them. I got some especially good pictures of one particular bug, but as I zoomed up close to it I realized it wasn't one bug I was taking pictures of.... it was two. A mommy and a daddy bug, making little baby bugs. Oops. Moving right along. (Delete, delete, delete.)

An older man came up to me as I was meandering off the path and asked me if I lost my wallet or purse and if he could help me find it. I told him no, I thought it was pretty obvious that I was taking pictures of flowers and procreating insects. He lingered for a bit until he realized I didn't want to talk, and then he left. As he walked away I concluded he probably wasn't shady like I had imagined, maybe he really thought I had lost something and just wanted to help. I felt bad for not being more friendly and I called out to him, "Have a nice day!" He wished me the same and as I watched him walk away, I wondered what his story was. There was a tear in his pant leg, which was strange. And then I asked myself the question I sometimes do whenever I encounter interesting strangers for brief periods of time: could he have been Jesus in disguise? If Jesus was going to pay me a brief visit I imagine him doing it in the body of a very unassuming person. Like an older man in shabby pants who doesn't stay where he's not wanted. 

I knew he probably wasn't. I don't know if Jesus even makes a habit of appearing to people without them realizing it (although angels do sometimes - Hebrews 13:2 - which is fun), but I like thinking about it sometimes anyway.

I was so happy I managed to get a pretty picture of this butterfly, because it kept flitting and fluttering about. Every time I focused on it, off it went. But I was patient and cunning like an alligator snapping turtle, waiting for the perfect moment to chomp/snap my picture.

I like it here, y'all. The lovely summer wildflowers, big happy trees, green grass everywhere, and country scenery... they do my heart good. I'm glad we are where we are.

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  1. your photos are lovely and it is heartwarming to hear of your initial thought when you first meet a stranger :)

  2. Love the photos of you and your beautiful family.

    And the happening, about that stranger? Thanks for sharing. Such a reminder of the questions we should be asking ourselves when we encounter situations like that.

    Oh how we desperately need the love of Jesus guiding us to be brave.

    1. Aw, thanks, Rachel. Yes, yes we do!