Thursday, May 30, 2013

The calm before the storm.

Good morning! I'm sitting in a recliner eating almost-burnt toast (the crunchier the better) and drinking coffee. The boys are watching a show, and this is my attempt at sitting down and blogging on the fly.

Life these days finds me trying to stay calm and collected. We're in the last three weeks of our time in this house, and I can hear the clock ticking down to our departure. Moving to Ft. Wayne is going to be a big change for our family, and although I'm really excited and happy about it.. I'm also nervous and apprehensive about the stresses and challenges that come with making a big move. I won't be sharing a house with anyone anymore, and while that definitely has its advantages I'll probably miss the comforting knowledge that there are other adults in the house with me. Not to mention my dad's help with cooking meals. :)

My goal to potty train this kiddo before our move was accomplished much quicker than I expected. He now only uses a diaper during nights and naps. I can't say enough for elimination communication.

I'm trying to keep a positive outlook, though. This move has the potential to bring lovely things for our family. It's a little like a birth: you have to get through a lot of discomfort, awkwardness, and downright pain. But eventually it's over and you have new life to show for it. It's hard to predict what our new life will look like, but I have faith in the One who orchestrates it for us.

I might miss the small town feel.
I might miss having my mom a bike ride away.
I might miss sharing a room with my babes. (What?!)
I might miss my colorful walls. 

I might miss taking pictures on our absent neighbor's porch.

I might miss our church here and the sweetheart friends I've made there.
I might wish I still lived close to Courtney when life settled down and I was in my own home and I wasn't embarrassed to have her over. (Yes, you Mrs. Bell.)

BUUUUUT. I know lots of more exciting things are coming that I can't name yet. Pray for us, if you like: that we would have joy and peace throughout this whole moving process and as we get settled. That we wouldn't mind eating rice and beans and bugs for a month or several while we rebuild financially. That we find would friends soon. That my plants won't mind the move. ...And anything else nice you can think of. 

Whatever you do, please come visit us sometime. 


  1. Wow, it was so neat for me to read this post since I feel like my situation in life right now is SO similar in ways! Our big move is about 4 and a half weeks away and it will be a huge change for our family as well! The weird thing is that it hasn't really hit me yet and I haven't really sorted through all the changes in my mind yet. It will be fun to watch your family adjust to your big move as my family does the same :) And man, I love those colorful walls as well!

    1. I love that we're sort of doing similar things at the same time! Yeah... sorting through the changes helps me prepare for transition. Plus, once you move away from a place everything about your life there becomes memories, and I don't want to forget the special things! I hope things go well for you as you prepare your home and heart for your upcoming move.