Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Marital Snuggling

I thought I should do something love-related since it is Valentine's Day today! Woohoo! Chris and I aren't celebrating it until Thursday when he's off, but I did get a dozen beautimous red roses from him. What a dreamboat. He handed them to me right as I finished washing off a dirty diaper in the toilet. Romantic, no?

So, remember this picture?

Well, that's exactly what happened last night. Winters are especially cuddly around here due to the cold temps. (Sidenote: I try to cuddle sometimes in the thick of Texas summer.. aka, I slide up to Chris' back as he's facing away from me in his sleep, and then quickly pull away when I realize he's soaking wet with sweat.) It's loads of fun. We usually lay in bed at 12:30 or so after the kids are in bed and Chris has verbally processed his day. He stretches his arm across the pillow for me to lay on, and it has the effect of a hoover vacuum on me. Except that instead of just laying my head on his arm, I also throw half of my limbs (the half I'm not laying on) around him and by the time I'm comfortably settled, my leg is all the way up to his chest and he's looking at me like, Seriously? I can't help it, it's more ergonomic. I usually have to lower it about two feet less than I want to. Sometimes before I even put my leg on him he beats me to it and we have to fight. His leg is heavier so he wins... until the early hours of the morning when he's lost in slumber and I throw all my arms and legs wherever I want them. Muahahaha.

It all started before I ever got married. I distinctly remember laying in bed at night and just propping my legs against the wall. Still laying lengthwise, but with my legs folded against the wall instead of resting on the bed. You may not be able to imagine what I'm saying, and that's okay because it's silly anyways. Obviously I needed a body pillow or something. After I got married I remember thinking back and wondering if I made up all the memories of doing that, until Chris was gone one night and I caught myself doing it again - AHA!

Of course, then I got married and stopped doing such ridiculous things. Now I have a husband to prop my legs on.

Well, maybe on Thursday when we go out on a real date I'll get some pictures of us to share. You know, since all I have today is an old picture of my kids. Such is parenthood, what can I say.

Happy Valentine's day, all of you. Eat a lot of chocolate for me, because I'm exercising a small measure of self-control. I only ate all the candy from one of my son's Valentine goodie bags from Mimi (sorry Stacey, he's too young.....) and I only plan on having half of a candy bar later with Chris to celebrate our love. Unless I decide to go ahead and eat it before he gets home and I can't stop after half. Then I'll just tell him to pick up a chocolate donut for himself (and two for me) on the way home tonight and we'll celebrate again.

Oh, and speaking of eating: Finkle is eating the houseplant dirt as I write. He's feeling under the weather, and I think he thinks dirt will heal him. I'm so lucky to have such a holistically-minded child. I'm going to go eat dirt with him now and maybe it will heal me of my gluttonous desires.


  1. Man, I was the FIRST one to read this last night and I clean forgot to leave a comment.
    Great post. Absolutely tootly the best picture in the whole world.