Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Plant plans.

We found a place to live, and we have a moving date! It's a little over a month away. Chris starts working at his new job soon, and I probably won't see him much after that until the whole family is moved. It's going to be an interesting month, I tell ya. ...And then an interesting several months after that month as we adjust to our new city, new home, and new job.

It's fun knowing where we're going, though, and I'm happy that this isn't another cross-country move. God answered my prayer about giving me some gardening space. It's not much, oh but it's something. We will be renting a townhouse in the city with a little fenced-in back yard. I'm plotting how to fill every available sunny space in that yard with something green and growing. I've found receptacles of all sorts in my kitchen and in my recycling bag to convert into seed pots, and I've been following the sun patches that come through my windows with my seedlings throughout the day. As the sun moves, my "pots" move. Then at night I sing lullabies for them and bless them with the Aaronic blessing. In Hebrew.

Despite all these thoughtful measures I'm taking -- only half of which are real -- we'll have to see how well I do at container gardening. All my other gardens have been in the ground. Now I have to either pay money for dirt or do my best to find it for free wherever I can. Eesh!  I am excited, though. I'm ready for spring, ready for warm weather, ready to have a lush, quirky, itsy-bitsy milk-jug garden in my back yard. It's okay if it doesn't look like a dreamy cottage garden. My heart is just happy when I'm cultivating life, creating beauty wherever I can. I'll keep y'all updated on how goes.


  1. I have a container garden too! (We rent.) This weekend was the first sunny weekend in a long, long, long time so I spent most of it outside working planting. It's definitely not a pretty garden - what with orange buckets growing rosemary, clear rubbermaid containers growing lettuces, and big black barrels growing strawberries but it works!

    Happy gardening. :)

    The Brayn of Chalayn

  2. We're also going to be renting! And yeah, I feel you. I was tending to my lil plants the other day and it started to snow and I was like, REALLY? Whatever. :) Spring weather is coming!

    Ha, hurrai for weirdly wonderful gardens!

  3. How wonderful! I'm sure the move will be crazy but it will be so good! I love your little seedlings! :-)

    1. Thanks, Susannah! I love them, too. Maybe a little too much. ;)

  4. you crack me up. i'd love to see you singing to your plants in Hebrew. what a sight that would be. and hip-hip-hooray! for finding a place to live and such. :)

  5. Yeah for a new home. Yeah for,not too far away. And yeah for plants. I,just pot planted a few