Friday, April 12, 2013

Our first week without Chris.

Our moving date got pushed back a little. Chris started his new job in Ft. Wayne on Monday, and rather than spend oodles of money on commuting every day, he's going to be staying with friends Monday - Friday until we can all move as a family... it looks as though that's going to happen around mid-June. That means this week was the first of ten we will be spending without him or our car. I was nervous about how I would handle being essentially stranded for so long, but it hasn't been bad at all.

One of the things that has made this week so pleasant is that temperatures have warmed up and the weather has been gorgeous. Better weather means a light and airy house, happy plants, the potential to go on walks, and a less-grumpy me. The other thing that has helped me immensely is having my dad around. He goes out of his way to be helpful on a regular basis by cooking meals for us, going on walks with us, and playing with the boys. I'm so thankful we have him around.

We'll see how this short season progresses. For now I'm enjoying these simple, laid back days with my sweet babes. I'm trying to enjoy them patiently, kindly, and with as little yelling as possible... hah. Dootle is insatiably curious and inquisitive/infinitely chatty and never stops asking questions, and Finks can be needy and whiny; but that's to be expected from a 3-year-old and a 2-year-old. When I'm not feeling testy and tired (which does happen now and then, remarkably!) I'm feeling their preciousness and admiring their perfect adorablity.

I also took the plunge and decided to start potty training the littlest this week. The method that works best for me is elimination communication, which (for me) is code for "I let him go diaperless all day." I've had to clean up my fair share of messes, but already it seems easier than continuing with the diaper route. He's become aware of his bodily functions, and that it's undesirable to um... eliminate... just anywhere. I think we've made good progress already. The reason I decided to go ahead with it this week is because I feel better about making a mess and cleaning it up in this old house than I do about doing the same in a rented townhouse with carpet. This method doesn't really work if you have nice carpet. Plus, it's a little intense for Chris, so this is the perfect time to be doing it, haha.

I hope you've all had nice weeks.. and have a wonderful weekend ahead of you!


  1. Oh, you and Gloria need to talk! Connie's potty training too--oh, the adventures! Evangel babysat Friday, and BOTH kids had their moments, so she ended up giving 2 baths, and actually making Daniel some new undies by downsizing some of Tim's.

  2. Yes, the adventures are multitudinous! :) That's funny. She's a good second cousin. ;)