Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ten things about me.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding our life circumstances right now, I thought I would steer clear of life updates and write something fun and mindless instead. You're welcome.

10 things about me you may or may not know:

I loved wearing heels before I grew too tall to wear them without feeling overwhelmingly ginormous. Sigh.

I'm an introvert who hates having too much alone time and starts to lose her mind without regular social interaction. 

As a former missionary kid, I speak Spanish fluently. You'd think that would make me eager to talk to any Hispanic I run across... but most of the time when that happens I play dumb and eavesdrop instead. Because that is funner and it doesn't make everyone look at me.

The sounds people make when they're eating and (loudly) drinking drive me up the wall. Not 100% of the time, but often. It's enough to make me leave the room and/or try to put my fingers in my ears. I really don't mind it at meal-times, but if I'm sitting in the living room and someone comes in with a bowl of cheerios I die a little inside. Don't ask me why, although if you give me long enough I'm sure I can link it to some childhood trauma.....

I never could do a cartwheel until I was in my late teens. My perseverance finally paid off!

I daydream of doing outfit posts but I never have. 

Since my life as a stay-at-home mom to two little boys is unglamorous at best, I make up for it by pretending to be a model with my crocheted fashion accessories. Although strictly speaking, since I make money by doing it... you could say I'm a professional model. HAH. If only you could hear my laughter fading to an awkward silence. 

Excuse me son, can't you see I'm MODELING?

I never realized until I became a parent how extremely hard it is to be patient, selfless and calm with little kids. 

I survived writing this post (without yelling, even) despite the fact that my three-year-old asked me 10,000,0000 questions while I was writing it, and my two year old kept trying to pull hairs out of my head to enhance his thumb-sucking experience. And they both tried to eat me with a chip clip on two separate occasions.

This is what happens when I sit down with the laptop while the kids are up.


  1. I love that series of pictures at the bottom. So sweet & so real.

  2. You had a typo. Lawl! /giggety @ the fact that I can annoy you and point out your blaring mistake.
    " No 100% of the time, but often..." Should have been " Not 100% ..."
    And if I have had grammatical errors in this post of my own, you are SO not allowed to re-point them out to me.
    No tag backs.

    And, I think I did know most of those. Plus, it was really nice reading yer heart. I happen to adore it.
    Your ever adoring brother slash fan, Jofernens.

    1. You only annoyed me for the fifty seconds it took me to correct my mistake! And then for a little while longer while I wondered how many people thought I was stupid for having a typo. But that's a ridiculous thought, so I abandoned it. ;)

      I'm glad you know those things. I'm glad you know me. I love you.... I hope I get to see you today!

  3. I can't do a cartwheel still to this day. Hopefully that makes you feel better.

  4. I say, never stop trying. Unless you really don't care that much.... apparently I did. ;)

  5. thanks for sharing with us pieces of yourself and for being honest! being real is so refreshing to read. glad you stuck with that cartwheel until you nailed it. so happy i found your blog! it is a lovely, lovely place to be! :)

    happy sunday to you!

    1. My pleasure! Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to say hi. :D Happy day to you too!

  6. My hubby is the same with food sounds. He drives him crazy. And that cartwheel looks like perfection ha

  7. It's good to know I'm not alone in my neurosis. ;) And thanks!!!!