Friday, February 8, 2013


I had a best friend when I was eleven. I was fresh off the mission field, awkward and dorky. I remember stumbling over new English words that I'd learned, getting them confused and feeling utterly humiliated. I wasn't sure how to dress, and I examined everyone around me in an effort to learn about life in America. (...I'm still doing that.)

But this girl was really kind to me. She accepted me as her friend and became a comfort and ally when so many things in my life were awry. We talked about gardening together and gave each other secret code names that seemed more glamorous than the ones we had - Heather and Diana.

Eventually I moved away. We wrote each other letters and talked on the phone occasionally, but long distance relationships are hard when you're young. Over time our lives went separate ways, but I kept one relic from our friendship: a stuffed dog named Penelope that my friend sent me in a care package.

Penelope has kept me company through every transition of my life:  from being a teenager to becoming an adult; from singleness to marriage; from marriage to motherhood. Sometimes she was a guest on my bed, sometimes packed away in storage. As I was going through boxes a few days ago trying to sort out things we don't need, I ran into her. I left her where she was, but Dootle found her and brought her out into the main toy area. Then Finkle rested his eyes upon her and refused to lay down until he was holding her. After he slept he refused to get out of his crib without her.

So Penelope has found a new love. After all these years of being crammed in boxes, she has a new friend to snuggle her and smear her with peanut butter. If she doesn't survive his childhood, I think she'll be happy having lived a long, full life.


  1. Such a darling story.

  2. I love this story!
    I hope my mom saved a few of my stuffed animals. I had a dalmatian puppy that barked when you squeezed him. I used to take him with me every time we would go to the library and read to him.

  3. You would do that! :D You're so cute. Maybe you should ask your mom so you can snag one (or a few) while you still can!

  4. So glad I got to meet you, your two littles, your mom and Penelope last week! And I completely love my new scarf!!!! I've had so many compliments and I've sent them along to your etsy shop! Have a good week!

  5. Me too, Courtney! Sorry about all the boring baby talk, lol. I would have been bored out of my mind if I didn't have babies, probably. So maybe you should go make some? ;)

  6. This is so SO sweet! I have a stuffed animal that I imagine will live a similar life :)

  7. Phin has the gift of adorability. Miss ya'll.