Monday, November 7, 2011

Anniversary Weekend

Chris and I just got back from our yearly anniversary camping trip! There was yummy food, laughter, campfire smoke, good talking, and I just happened to roll downhill in the car and run into a tree. Nothing epic, just a big tree scratch on the side of our Maxima which is now a tad shabbier than it is chic. How did it happen? Well, Chris was trying to maneuver the car into a certain parking position without turning it on. The belt on our car is super squeaky and he didn't want to disturb our camping neighbors, dontcha know. Plus he just read a book that said pushing cars is a good muscle building exercise. So there we were, him pushing the car back and forth with his manly strength to try and finagle it into the right spot, and me steering. There was one more finagling motion to go before we had the car properly positioned in the parking space, and it involved pushing the car slightly down the hill and then back up again at an angle. (In hindsight that was a pretty unrealistic plan, lol.) Chris pushed me down the hill and I started rolling... and by golly, everything is just a blur after that! Haha.

Anyway, that was a small blip in our fun outing. Now we're home and I get to squeeze and smooch on my babies again, hurrah. I have a great big to-do list which includes writing a baby update blog, organizing our new living space -- the move is officially over, wheeee! --, and filling backed up orders. Sigh.


  1. Did you wake the neighbors when the car crunched into the tree? I admire you, Hannah, for not feeling guilty and crumby and to blame for all that. You certainly did take it in stride. Did that happen right when y'all got to the campground?
    And Huzzah for returning safely to your babies. God's so so good.
    I am in Georgia looking like a peach.

  2. Just found your blog & I'm so glad-you guys are adorable! Happy anniversary too :)

  3. Do I by any chance see a woman wearing smoky eyelids?