Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Things I don't want to forget.

I always longed for the day when Dootle would tell me he loved me without me telling him to say it. Excluding bedtime, he hasn’t been the snuggliest or most affectionate kid in the past. He put up with me and responded to me, but it wasn’t something he initiated a lot. Not so anymore! About a month ago or so his icy cold toddler heart stopped depriving me of what my needy mommy heart wanted…. Lots and lots of hugs, nuzzles, and kissing fits on a daily basis. I’m in mommy heaven.

If you ask him what he’s thinking about at any given time of the day, his response is likely going to be, “Elmo. I just want to watch Elmo.” He likes the word “just.” He tells me he just loves me. He just loves daddy. He just wants to sit on my yap. He just wants an apple. He just wants to go on a walk.

It’s so much fun being able to understand his speech. Kids say the funniest things, it’s true, and Dootle is talking from the moment he gets out of bed. He reminds me of my not-so-little-anymore brother when he was young. Full of questions about everything. I have to ask him to stop asking questions regularly so my blood pressure can come down a bit. Even riding in the backseat of the car he’s asking questions and trying to direct me on where to go and where not to go.

He loves interacting with people, but can be a little shy if you put him in the spotlight. He’ll run into a room of kids he’s never met and play happily (albeit somewhat selfishly) with them, but if they stop and stare at him when he comes into the room or try to talk to him he might freeze up. Or just run away and make awkward, shifty-eyed faces in the corner.

He got used to his dad ordering Dr. Pepper every time we get fast food, so he started calling all fast food “Dr. Pepper.” When we would drive up to McDonald’s he would happily exclaim, “Doctor pepper!” But we told him that’s not what it’s called, it’s called McDonalds. So now when we drive up he says, “Old Mcdonald!”

He’s been asking ever since we moved to Indiana if he can make friends to play with. We’ve been making slow progress in that area (but doing better now...) so he’s asked countless times. On Sunday we took him to Sunday school and the teacher told us he learned the memory verse. We asked him in the car what it was. His response was, “Friends.”

I just love him. :)


  1. Oh honey. I just read your blog post outloud to Cammie and Beth and Jeremy. Cammie giggled and laughed and "awwwwed." You do such a good job of portraying his darling personality. And yours.

    I love you so!

  2. I don't have time for an appropriately long comment. Your darling blog deserves more than a line or two. But it'll have to come later...someone needs the computer. I LOVED THE PICTURES AND CAPTIONS.

  3. love it!!! He's so cute. And youre a gooooood mommy!!!

  4. oh my good gracious he is SWEET!!!! thanks for stopping by & saying hi this weekend :) loving your blog!

  5. Thanks, Julie! :D I like your blog, too!

  6. LOVE the pictures and descriptions as usual! He is such a cutie.