Wednesday, September 26, 2012


As I write this my son is leaning on my chest happily sucking on his thumb with a hair wrapped around it that he just yanked out of my head. I usually catch him before he can pull them out, but sometimes I'm not quick enough. This blog is not about his foraging for hair, but let me tell you... he knows how to find the little suckers (pun!). Whether it be picking them off the carpet, tub (EEK), and couch cushions or just pulling them right out of my head, he really knows how to get what he wants. He doesn’t want to eat them, he just wants to feel them in his mouth. It's a texture thing. Who wants to have a plain, naked thumb in their mouth when they could have a fuzzy, hairy thumb in their mouth? Not Phineas!!! He’ll come over to me when I’m crocheting and try to pull the fibers from my yarn… I've even seen him pull a lint ball from behind the washing machine and put it in his mouth. Interesting child.

But you can't live on hair alone. My mom and I have been teaching the boys how to survive in the city when you can’t get food in traditional ways. You never know when the dollar is going to collapse and inflation is going to rise and we'll all have to survive on dandelion greens, polk, and crab apples. Right....? Our latest lesson not only involved an example of living off the land, it also involved keeping the city clear of unsightly rubbish.

Wanna know what we did? Do ya, do ya, do ya? We carefully combed the city streets looking for candy, hours after a parade had gone through it. :) And boy did we find it. It’s almost funner than witnessing the actual parade, really. No small children scrambling in front of you, fighting you for the candy. (Not that I would take candy from a child.) And the thrill of the hunt! We would yell at each other from across the street to rejoice over our latest discoveries. Mainly tootsie rolls, it’s true, but the occasional sweet tarts and double bubbles made it really exciting.

We managed to find maybe a pound and a half of candy that had been abandoned and left to be squished by passing feet and car wheels. It was epic. The boys and I had our fill and we stashed the rest away for hard times. That’s what good pioneers do.


  1. Great post, honey. I featured quite prominently in it! We really had fun that day.
    I liked the description of Phineas' hair foraging adventures. In his darling picture I see his little heap of wheat. :)

  2. lool. this is beautiful. and that picture of phin with his mouth in an "o"! so great.

  3. you are hilarious, hannah! I so enjoy your posts! And dem babies are cutemongous!