Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Year

Has it really been a year? I still remember the facebook status update: "Real women give birth in minivans." That wasn't me bragging, by the way. Did you think it was? That was my way of owning it instead of being owned by it. "Yes, I just gave birth in a car, and everyone is going to find out about it... which could be strange... but not if I don’t act strange about it. Aha! I'll make it seem almost deliberate!"

Well, it wasn't deliberate. But upon further thought, it was almost exactly what I wanted out of my fantasy birth. Almost, because in my fantasy I wasn't screaming frantically into a pillow in a speeding car. (Chris: "I think I'm going to have to stop for gas." Me: "NO YOU AREN'T.") Most of the other desired elements were in place, though, which is pretty amazing since that was the only way I could’ve justified an unassisted VBAC. It was an accident. Can't cry over an accidental dream come true, can I?

And look at the adorableness that was born of it all! This has been a year of smiling, holding, thumb sucking, smooching, crawling and grunting, laying down for naps, and midnight bonding.

Dear Finkle,

I don’t know that there’s any better way to say this… I’m so glad your dad and I were crazy enough to trust God with our fertility when we already had a ten-month-old. You are the wonderful, wonderful result, and your life is surprisingly refreshing. Even though you still wake up plenty through the night (some nights are better than others), I can safely say that you are a sweet, easy baby. You’re one of the manliest men I know: all action and movement, barbaric, with a charming smile that can melt the most guarded of girly hearts. If Solomon could be captivated by the Shulamite’s teeth, then I am definitely captivated by your little bunny teeth. It seems like you’re never too tired or cranky to crack a smile for me. To add to your many charms, you take it easy on me by sleeping away hours upon hours of the day so I can get things done and give your brother one on one time.

It’s hard to imagine what your future might hold, and what kind of man you’ll grow up to be. I pray that you’ll be wise, and that you will love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. He will show you what kind of person you’re meant to be and what your destiny is. I love you so much, and I’m proud to be your mama.

Life is wild.. Gear up for some adventuring, 'cause it's gonna be great!

XOXOXO, Your Mommy


  1. ah! what a cutie. one year! happy birthday, phineas :)

  2. aw, so precious -- both your heart and phineas!

  3. Precious adorableness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Phineas is so perfect! I'm in a season where I really want to wait to have our second child but seeing pictures of little phinster makes me want to go get impregnanted immediately...

  5. The word impregnated is hilarious.... lol. But that is a very appropriate sentiment. His nickname back when he was smaller was Bliss Joy Nugget. He still lives up to it every day, though. Such a little delight. You should really re-consider all that waiting stuff. ;) Might as well lump the kids together, eh? Duncan and Phin play with each other and entertain each other now. Not ALL the time, but quite a bit. I love it.