Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh, Phinny.

You are a joy bean. When I get you out of bed in the mornings and after your naps, your face is so smiley and happy that it's contagious. You give your dad the silliest morning grins, I think you must melt his big manly heart right out of his chest, even though he has to act like he still has it together so he doesn't embarrass the rest of mankind by going visibly berserk the way I do.

You're more than ten months old now and your hair is starting to come in. You like to suck on your thumb sometimes while you twirl the tiny little hairs in the back of your head with your other thumb and index finger. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.. ever. (Besides all the other cute things I've seen that are irrelevant right now.) Seriously, when you tug on those silky blond hairs it's like you're tugging on my heart strings. I'm so overwhelmed with love that I throw up. Then we snuggle.

You love rhythm. You find it in everything! Whether it's in the washing machine when it's spinning clothes, or someone's foot tapping repetitively on the floor, or a cup of coffee being stirred with a clinky spoon, you hear something in your head that makes you get excited and you start to boogie and bounce your little bottom up and down. It's so funny and adorable. We always know if we start playing peppy music that you're going to start to dancing.

Things you do now:
You crawl super fast and refuse to walk.
You chase the cats around frantically so that you can catch them, squeeze them, and explore their orifices. Thankfully they have good survival instincts.
You answer me with yells when I call your name from a different room.
You try to crawl in the fireplace and eat the ashes, often successfully.
You fall on your peanut head. :(
You get bruises from your brother and pull his hair.
You get tired and clingy at night and chase me around till I put you on my back. Then you're sweet and quiet and you play with my hair.
You go nuts when someone is eating in front of you, and you start grunting and yelling barbarically until they share their bounty with you.
You make everyone at church fall in love with you.
You smile the best smile.

Thanks for being my sweet heart-throb. I like you so much I'm going to scream for the next 24 hours straight. Then we'll snuggle, and then I'll throw up because I'm having too much fun being your mom, then we'll snuggle again and I'll give you a bath. The end. Kiss kiss


  1. I'm so full. Of love for Phineas. And the rest of you guys. I wanna come down there. EEEEEEKKKKK!!!!!

  2. please do, anonymous. hannah will need us because screaming can be exhausting. throwing up too. heheh.


    hannah, you're a wonderful and it's so fun that God gave you another little squish to rub off on. phineas is quite overwhelming sometimes. in a great way.

  3. It's true, anonymous/mom. I need you to come down and help me with the rigors of raising such a perfect baby so I can sit on the couch and eat grapes. When are you coming?? I miss you!

  4. I don't know when I'm coming down there. In my heart I'm there. (a lot of good that does thee).
    "or a cup of coffee being stirred with a clinky spoon"--is that true? Does Phineas boogie to that sound?

  5. It is! I wouldn't make up anything so random. He's quite the character.

  6. i really like his bright eyes. so so sweet.