Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mohawk Boy

More thoughts on being two:
News flash! Everything is officially mine now. If it was yours before, it's mine now. I guess you could say it's a new world order.

I love to play with my friends, but sometimes they think that toys belong to them. It's very frustrating. Sometimes we fight, sometimes we cry.. but I just hope that one of these days they'll understand that everything is mine.

I really like it when people pay attention to me. But sometimes it's too much and I have to look away and act disinterested because I'm nervous.

It took me a while to perfect the technique of climbing out of my crib without getting stuck on the crib bars, but I'm happy to say that I've successfully mastered it.

I can make an angry face on command, and even hold it while you laugh at me.

One of my new favorite things is cuddling on the rocking chair with Mommy before bedtime.

Well, maybe it's her favorite thing. But I make her feel good by asking her if she'll do it with me after she puts my pajamas on.

Mommy likes taking pictures of me. She doesn't have to ask me to smile for her anymore, I have a canned smile that I crack open whenever she pulls out her camera.


  1. Total delishishness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a handsome charming boy. Someone sure has great fashion sense.
    Oh he's so darling. And his mom sure does write's almost as good as being there.
    Thank you, Pudding Pie.
    Some people just dress mannequins in store windows, but you adorn your very own living ones.

  2. oh my gosh oh my gosh...
    SO CUTE. I love his hair and adorable grin :)

    Allie Ruth Morris

  3. Love it! Love you, love him, love Jesus..LOVE IT!!!