Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Guest Blogger - Christopher

I'm finally doing it. I've been asked over and over for like a year to write my version of our love story. Hannah came up with the single most manipulative, backing-me-into-a-corner idea to get me to write this thing. Duncan's diaper smelled like he pooped in it, took it off, slow roasted it in a crock pot, let it cool, and put it back on himself. If that's what he did, I'm very proud of him; malicious as it may be, that is one skilled 2-year-old. Anyway, I was having a hard time breathing, so understandably I didn't want to change the diaper. Hannah saw this as an opportunity to give me the most helpless ultimatum I have ever been given. Change the diaper or write a guest blog. Hence, this post.

And I'm only going to let her correct punctuation and spelling, so don't think that this poorly organized, scattered writing style has anything to do with my awesome wife. :)

I haven't got a single clue how to start this thing, but here it goes....

I moved out to Atlanta in 2007 to live with my sisters. My sister had a friend who happened to be very pretty, and shortly after moving there, I learned that this pretty friend had a pretty sister named Hannah (who happened to be MY AGE!). Hannah was in Kansas City doing an internship at the house of prayer there and was to be moving back to Atlanta in just a couple months. I am pretty sure sleep was lost between October and December. I saw pictures of this crazy, Crazy, CRAZY hot girl who was coming to live in the house with my sisters which is where I spent most of my time already. Tall, virtuous, funny (I learned her funny side from a few ice-breaking messages that were exchanged), single, beautiful girl was moving smack dab into the middle of my life! This news definitely painted a different picture of what Atlanta was going to offer me. I moved out there to be a single guy who just left his mom and dad, but the relationship opportunity of a lifetime had just presented itself to me!

Now she had the complete opposite idea of me at this time. She thought I was just some young little brother that wasn't even prospect material for prospect material. She really didn't think in terms of prospects anyways. I would turn out to be her first serious..... well..... boy. She just wasn't looking, and definitely not in my direction. But she walked right into my trap nonetheless!

The greatest part of this time was the sisters. One of my sisters might not have thought it was a great idea for me to try but she was loving and stayed supportive. She's sweet. My other sister, however, was so excited for me. She identified the rarity of the situation for her sweet, chubby little brother. She wanted Hannah's gloriousness for me as bad as I did. She would say things to me like "Chris you look strong in that shirt. Go pace back and forth in front of Hannah so she can see your form." She offered tons of advice that would have surely won someone over with her personality.... not Hannah's. Hannah's sister, the pretty friend, also was a great supporter in this process. She offered advice like "Be yourself." and "Don't listen to your sister." Her advice was the most accurate, being that she'd known Hannah for all of 22 years. There were dozens of conversations that took place behind Hannah's back that dealt with my end of it, while she had no clue that she was about to get asked out by this boy who she just LOVED hanging out with on a super platonic level.

From the moment I told her I liked her, she was quite resistant. Once, we were having a late night conversation that concluded with "Let me ask my dad." I smiled and thought to myself "Sweet! She wants to get his approval to like me!" She was really hoping he would say, "Don't date him." But he basically gave the green light. She took it upon herself to cut her bangs super short, and not wear makeup so that I would stop being attracted to her. Such a desperate act made me all the more endeared to her. (Quick note here: most of the time when people don't like you and try to push you away, you just give up. But I knew deep down that she was just uber intimidated by the prospect of dating in general. It wasn't about me, which is why I pressed through for the breakthrough! She even seriously contemplated moving to Alaska to flee the fear!)

She eventually started settling in and opening her heart to me and in March (just a few months later) she said yes..... to be my girlyfriend! I gave her a bouquet of big sunflowers, which was her favorite flower. What's cool about me giving her those flowers is that I later proposed to her in a five or six acre field of sunflowers. BIG, TALL ONES! Like way over our heads! But anywho.... we only dated for a few months. We worked together during the day and spent most evenings together. We logged as much quality time as any normal separately working couple that had been dating for a year. SO, if you're thinking "That's a little quick, dontcha think?" don't worry. On top of all that great time together, we were not physically affectionate outside of holding hands and 3 second hugs. We tried to go the whole courtship without kissing, but finally broke down and kissed about a week before we got married. Don't know if you've seen this girl I speak of, but the fact that I lasted that long speaks of a higher power filling me with supernatural self control. Yeah, the altar was our second kiss fest, but we weren't too hung up on our previous smooch when we were standing there with rings on. The old was gone and the whole wide world was at our fingertips. Which has led us to where we are today!

I have never known of and will never know of a man that was as immature and dorky as I am to land a woman so full of grace, virtue, and beauty as Hannah. I am realizing more every day how undeserving I am of this gift and how capable I am of taking it for granted. And not to mention, whatever children I might have had down the road with whatever other woman I might have married would've been so out of luck in the light of how amazing a mother my Hannah is. If that woman had even a quarter the astounding character Hannah has, then maybe it could've been bearable. She's the real deal. We're the real deal. Till death do we part. Rich or poor (we got one half of that one down pretty well). Sickness, health, better, worse, whatever man. There is nothing that will separate what my God is holding together. Just watch.

P.S. I spent very little time editing this sucker and she doesn't know I'm posting this without her skimming it over, so what you see on this page is all ME! :)

Actually, I had to come back and re-post it for him because he wasn't sure how this thing worked... so I might have MILDLY edited it, since I'm my mother's daughter and can't seem to control myself in that area. But isn't it sweeeet?


  1. Oh my goshness! Yea for nice guys finishing first! I LOOOVE this post! :)

  2. YES...it is sweeeeet. Chris, you never cease to amaze me. You told of things I hadn't heard! I love the part about your sister's advice and her friend's advice to ignore her advice.
    Thank you so much for writing this. I'm so thankful to have you for a son-in-law.

  3. lol. i really like the part about the advice to go pace in front of her. hillaaarious. "two things have I desired of the Lord... to dwell in your house and to gaze on chris and Jesus' beauty all the days of my life..?" hehehe. great blog!


  4. Very sweet! Nice job Chris...I never knew you had such writing skills. You definately married up. -Steph

  5. Good job, Chris! I agree. Hannah is definitely awesome!

  6. You changed things without my consent on here!?!?! "MILDLY EDITED" my foot! Everyone.... she wrote the whole thing .... I had no part whatsoever! :)

  7. That anonymous person sure sounds like me, but a less grateful version. Thanks for all the looove guys!

  8. so sweet... i melted a bit :) love that part where he said "there is nothing that will seperate what my god is holding together" so beautiful!!! Id totally get that on a canvas to have as wall art in my home. blessings <3

  9. Sigh. I just took a stroll down Memory Lane. Gosh Chris, you are such a fun guy (shades of Josiah's Tshirt). I LOVE your sense of humor. I took a break early on and went in to make a cup of coffee. I met Josiah in the kitchen and asked him if he remembered reading this post with its colorful description of Duncan's dirty diaper and HE DID! Over a year and a half has gone by and he remembers this! The nice thing about my age is that re-reading old posts is as fun as enjoying them when they're brand new!
    Back to Chris: I love you! You're fun.