Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cute Motherhood Moments

When Dootle tries to breastfeed his Elmo doll.

When Dootle thinks his brother's tummy time is horseback riding time.

When Finkle knows it's time to eat and he gets so excited he cries.

When I reach into the fridge to grab something and Dootle squeezes in really quick, grabs a bottle of breastmilk (that was there for his brother), and runs off to hide in the corner where he's only half visible and can drink it undisturbed.

When I tell Dootle to put his toys away and he finds a roleypoley bug in the process. He picks it up and gingerly puts it in the toy basket with his other toys.

When I'm hanging clothes outside and Finkle is sitting on the ground in his Bumbo seat. He reaches over and pulls dead grass and leaves into his mouth until he realizes how terrible they taste, then he starts making icky faces but keeps doing it anyway because he can't control his own tendencies to eat grass and leaves.

When Dootle knows he's not allowed to touch something and instead of handling it with his hands he reaches over and kisses it demurely.

When we're riding in the car as a family and Finkle sneezes. Chris and I don't even notice until we hear "Baboo." (bless you) come from Dootle's car seat. Then we're both like, AAAAWWW.

When the Saturday morning radio show for kids comes on and all the happy music is so fun I can't stand it; I have to dance and jump around the kitchen, and Dootle doesn't know what to do with me. He feels awkward and scared at the same time.

When Finkle is standing in the bouncy saucer and Dootle lays flat on the floor with his legs propped up in front of his brother so that Finkle will gnaw on his toes.

When I let either of my two African girlfriends hold Dootle on their laps he's so overwhelmed by their.. dark beauty? He doesn't move for about half an hour. Seriously. It's so funny.

When Finkle is out of his mind with exhaustion and sleepiness he becomes easily amused. Just about all Dootle has to do is smile at him and he starts to belly laugh.


  1. Kudos! More more more. More more more.
    more more more more more more more. :)
    guess who?

  2. oh hannah, these are great. you do so well catching the wonderful, comical moments and putting them down in words. i love you! i love your men.


  3. this has got to be one of the most hilarious, beautiful things i've ever read. you are one of a kind, sis.