Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby Ava

No, I didn't forget to tell you all the outcome of Vina's contractions... it was the usual one! Baby. :D Best part - I GOT TO BE THERE! It was so amazing. It was on Sunday that I hung out with them the first time while she was in labor, and Wednesday she kicked it into high gear and got that baby out. She was basically an olympic champion, relaxing and breathing deeply through contractions. No mad screaming or chewing on things, ahem.

(I'm thinking about trying a more peaceful approach next time I have a child, on the assumption my labor support team isn't making me walk to a car while I'm in transition. But no guarantees it'll change anything, making noise makes me feel better!)

I love the atmosphere of birth centers: pretty and peaceful. Everyone had a positive, happy attitude the whole time and they were constantly cheering her on. She did fantastic, and Ava was born with a full head of thick black hair. After concentrating for such a long time on staying calm and getting the job done, Vina was completely spent and immediately started talking in cute little half sentences. "Wow, that was..." "I don't think I can do..." "May not want anymore.." and finally a full sentence, "She's so purple." It made me giggle. (I got permission to post this picture.)

Asian babies are so stinkin' cute. Ava is Vietnamexican!


  1. i was wondering the outcome and thanks a heap for the beautiful picture!!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! simply amazing!!! :)sommer

  2. Yeah, amazing. Truly amazing. Vina said the same thing I said after several of my babies. We start feeling different after about a year or so.
    Well done, Vina and Andy and Hannah, the birth photographress.

  3. gorgeous photo!
    I just found your blog via Our Little Lifesicle :) I'm really enjoying reading your posts and about your life - you're so positive! Come October I will be a mama to TWO boys as well! My firstborn is 2 :) I will probably be looking towards you for guidance and advice on the whole mama of two boys thing ;)