Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday I found out that our friends Vina and Andy were in labor (/Vina was in labor) with their baby girl Ava. Hurrah! I let them know if they wanted me I could come over and hang out with them and bring my camera for posterity. I didn't think they'd actually want me to come, but they did. I was SOO excited I ran around cleaning the house, taking care of laundry, packing things, and trying to find a babysitter. Finally my mom told me she could watch the babes, so I skedattled out the door.

Vina wasn't in the thick of action or anything. Contractions were coming fairly steadily, but nothing much else seemed to be happening. Her body was prepping itself for delivery on its own schedule, which was just fine. We had a pleasant afternoon doing stuff around the house while we waited. The nursery got finished, Vina vacuumed, I crocheted, Andy played with his iphone, and then they read the whole book of Revelations out loud. We finally ended up going to the midwife's house to check for progress. She said Ava was at the right station, but Vina was only dilated to 1cm so far. Sigh. That meant a bath and Benadryl for her, and sleep for everyone. So I came home again to my babies.

Mom had to leave for good and go back to Indiana this morning. I'm still hoping I can be there for Ava's birth but it depends on when she comes and whether or not Chris is around to watch the kids. Hopefully the contractions don't stretch out until her due date on July 7th. Eesh, that's a lot of contracting. Surely they won't......

And now...much to do, much to do.


  1. oooh, what handsome boys! and that picture of vina is poetic.

    love you!


  2. Another anonymous says:
    Oh babies!!!! How they love each other!!! I miss tout le monde already.
    Thanks for posting, dear. Am eagerly awaiting news of Ava.