Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm so crazy about this little human. From the outside looking in there's nothing really exciting about being a stay-at-home mom, but that's not counting the fact that your heart gets ruined by overpowering feelings of love and adoration on a regular basis. Like, I love him so much I want to cry. That doesn't happen to me with just everyone, you know. I can be in the middle of being super stressed out or of griping about something.. and I look down to see a crooked smile and twinkling brown eyes gazing at me, and it melts me. It's a senseless sort of love. Being the kind of person that constantly analyzes life and its many components to the point where I irritate myself, it makes me glad to have a feeling come into my life that sweeps me off my feet and out of my brain. All the fears I have of failing to make people like me, or of making myself look like an idiot somehow.. they just aren't relevant when I'm with my baby. If I collapse on the floor and foam at the mouth for a while or develop a perpetual twitch, he still won't stop thinking well of me or being satisfied by what I have to offer him! Namely milk, cuddles, smiles and funny noises. Ahh, life is good.


  1. haha hannah you are so precious. and so is this beautiful baby!!!

  2. I understand and totally agree, Hannah. It doesn't much matter to the babies in our lives what our hair looks like, how much education we have, if we've succeeded at a career...they don't even care if we're dressed stylishly! (OK...that may be too much to ask anyone to believe).
    Babies are such wonderful inventions. Yours is just too cute!! (for words).
    signed: mama

  3. that sounds lovely. and i'm glad you have that, boo.

    my favorite picture is the bottom one! thank you for posting. it boosted my day.

    ~louisa me

  4. p.s. oooh! i like all the pictures... and the second one is my other favorite!

  5. oooo, so cute and so special. i'm so happy for you :D