Monday, August 1, 2011

If you don't want to read another sappy blog, this might not be the right place for you.

I... stinking... love... this... baby. To most people in the world he's just another baby with a goofy baby face. But to me he's like the greatest invention EVER. Since Dootle. I just don't get it, but he melts my heart into buttery goo. Every day! He's got me wrapped around his grubby fingers, along with the lint and hairs that always seem to find their way into his hands.

And he's four months old already!!! How do these things happen? I can't tell you how absolutely blissful it is to have another cuddly lap baby after having the last one outgrow such things. I mean, Dootle will still cuddle now and then but it takes some major determination (on my part) to make him stay there.

Pardon me, but I have to write this next little bit because even if no one else cares I don't want to forget a single one of these things.

Things Fink Does:

Sucks his thumb. All the time. He makes it look so fun I want to suck it, too. Ok, not really. But I do want to slober his face.

Talks. Not in wordy words, but in melodious "Oooooohhhhh"s. Cutest thing ever.

Blows raspberries. He does it when he's feeling chipper. It's a wet event.

Loves being held. He still falls asleep in the moby when we're out of the house at naptime. As long as he's got a thumb to suck on, he's good.

Really complains about being in the car seat. Complains = cries long and loud. He was like this when he was a newborn but I padded his car seat and he stopped. For the past week he's back at it, though.

Charms everyone. You don't have to try hard to get him to smile at you. It makes you feel validated as a human when you can bring delight to such a sweet little creature.

Well, it's time to go drink coffee. Thanks for reading.


  1. If I weren't already in love with Punkie, I'd be now! He has the most adorable little face. And his face has so many different looks! Thank you for blogging and putting pictures up for me to see. Your kids are going to love seeing how their mommy talked about them.
    How I miss you all.

  2. This makes me want to have another baby soon. And I really need to not get pregnant right now. So if Phin could tone down the adorableness a little... j/k :) I miss you and your most terrific family!

  3. me love! i like reading sappy blogs. this one almost made me cry... wanted to link you the post for ava's pics. there's one with your hat in it!

  4. We love a good soppy blog mines just the same, we are just showing how much we adore our bubba's :)

  5. He is so cute! My baby hates the car too, and it can be rough. I hope she outgrows it!