Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Here's our Easter family picture. Mom took it just as we were leaving for church. She forgot about Finkle in the first take and didn't include the bottom half of his face, poor child, so this is the second one. Do you like how I've perfected the art of making Chris look taller? It helps to stand on an incline. Although he claims half an inch is nothing.

One of these days I hope to write a meatier post. Maybe something about the joys and trials of adjusting to a new human in the family. Right now I'm too busy living them to write about them. Sorry about the crickets.


  1. What a wonderful photo! How professional!! the angle, the lighting, the positioning...
    :) Just kidding. It's the subject that makes this photo breathtaking.
    I love you, Hannah Banana. Can't wait to read your meatier blog...but til then, thank you for this darling one.

  2. oooh! i like it! I like your charming little post, too! Chris commands his stature well. 1/2 inch or whatever it is, you two look sure nice together!

    kisses to those two little guys.

    ~louisa moi