Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Getting Closer.

My midwife says he's growing like a champ.

Wouldn't it be cool to be a cat? You're only pregnant for nine weeks, and when it's time to give birth you find a nice private place and have your kitties (yes, forget having one offspring at a time - you don't even think twice about having to give birth to quadruplets!) quietly, efficiently, and unassisted. No freaking out if you go past your due date, no need for midwives or doulas or baby daddies hanging around trying desperately to be helpful. Mama cats don't have to talk Daddy cats into reading "Husband Coached Childbirth" or going to birth classes with them. They're too capable and independent for all that.

But, needless to say, humans are different. Seems that it's a lot more involving to have a great big human baby than a kitten. So what's with all this cat talk anyways? Whatever happened to the eel theory? Well... I just empathize with the mama cats. If I could get away with it maybe I would sneak off into a dark cave when my labor began and re-emerge the next day as the proud mother of quadruplets. If I was carrying quadruplets, that is. But alas, such luxuries are reserved for small furry creatures with short, uncomplicated births. It's okay, really, because I would rather have one human baby than four cats. Chris doesn't even like cats. He was traumatized by a kitten with sharp claws when he was a boy and ever since then he thinks they're neurotic and prone to violent and unpredictable behaviors. So I'm sure he'll graciously go through the rigors of giving me counter-pressure while I'm in labor if it means I produce a human for him instead of a cat. I think I'll be glad to have help when it comes down to it.. aside from the necessary expertise of my midwife, it'll be nice to have a mom there to breathe with me through hard contractions and a Chris to lend his manly strength to the whole endeavor, somehow. He used to accuse me of not wanting him to be there when I had the baby (I think this whole situation came up with Duncan, although it turned out to be irrelevant in the end) but since then we've both become more comfortable with the interesting idea of birth. So I doubt I'll want to be alone in the moment, unless my supporters start doing horribly irritating things like slurping soup right by my ear or.... getting epidurals in front of me and making me unsatisfied with the natural forms of pain relief. Unlikely, since it's hard to get your hands on soup and epidurals at a birth center.

Anyway. I have 12 more days until my due date. That's pretty exciting! I want to visualize how everything will happen but it's hard to do when you don't know what to expect. These things are so unpredictable! I'm hopeful it'll all turn out good, though. I used to have a lot of anxiety and fear, but God helped me to get rid of it and now I can happily say I have more excitement than terror. Hurrai.

Oh, did I mention we plan on moving right around my due date? I'm glad living with my dad taught me how to be flexible in life. :) I had one meltdown thinking about how terrible it was to have to move right now and not know where I would have the baby or when I could set up all his little baby things, but then I got over it. It's not like I wanted to live in a barn forever. I'll take moving at 9 months pregnant if it means going somewhere better suited for us.


  1. To be like a cat in some ways...lovely thought. Cats are possibly the epitome of the animal creation.

  2. i don't know, mama. slow lorises are mighty cute. and may i say... your hand and belly photographeress is amazing, hannah. ;)