Friday, March 11, 2011

A Week With Weezie

We've enjoyed our time with Auntie Weez. A few exciting happenings, a lot of peaceful moments.. I've had to learn to ration my energy lately in order to make it, but thankfully she was ok with my slug pace. She was glad just to be here soaking up Dootle and taking a break from her schoolwork and regular life.

She fashioned a cool head-dress for him out of her scarf.
 I can't get enough of kissing his squishy little face.
...and he will allow his hand to be kissed if asked politely.
It's been sweet. She leaves tomorrow. Meh. I think she should move here when she finishes school. I loved having her meet all our TPR friends! We even sang on a couple of sets together -- my last for a while, probably, because I just about need an oxygen mask now if I want to sing.

Oh! Stacey threw a baby shower for me on Sunday! It was lovely. Lots of sweet ladies showed up and showered me with love and diapers. Thanks to them my second son will smell nice and have a clean bottom. I feel ridiculously blessed.


  1. Nice post. Great pictures. I miss Louisey so nice it would be to have her down here. But we got her for twelve days.
    Thanks for blogging and posting darling pictures, loverly Hannah. Your little boy is so adorably cute.

  2. love you so much. and i miss your darling duncan. xoxo.

    ~wool ease