Monday, January 31, 2011

32 Weeks

This is a good week. It marks the gestational week of Duncan's birthday -- not date-wise, just the time frame. Which means if little belly boy takes after his older brother he's around 3 and a half pounds and 16 inches now. Sure feels like it. I'm beginning to doubt there's a child in my stomach, though. The ultrasound showed definitively that it was a little human in there, but judging by the way it feels when it moves around and my fail-safe motherly intuition.. I think it's an eel. Mind you, I'll love it either way. I'm not sure how he'll look in my crocheted hats as an eel, though. Are baby eels cute? And more importantly, will he take a pacifier? So many things that have yet to be revealed.

It's been an interesting week here at the barn. Chris changed his schedule around a lot to accommodate eight 2-hour worship sets at the prayer room. Bed times and wake times have shifted around and the general feel of things is different. It's a good change for sure, but as usual, change means adjusting. Adjusting means dealing with stress, shifting expectations, and trying to stay Christians. :) It didn't help that both Duncan and I had a re-lapse of being sick. I never know if my nights will actually yield much rest.. between my own feelings of sick crumminess, my twitching stomach (baby loves to hang out upside down and shove against my right side with his feet while his head burrows in my pelvis), having to pee every 3 minutes AND Duncan melting down every so often because it's so hard to suck on a pacifier when you can't breathe through your nose. 

Oh, life. I've been sustained somewhat by the unexpected turn of events that's bringing my mom to stay with us a lot earlier than expected. She was going to be staying for the two months surrounding the baby's birth, but Louise encouraged her to go ahead and come now to help out. I didn't put up much of a fuss! It's going to be sooo good having her close. She gets here tonight which, along with all the noise Chris can't help but make when he gets up, explains why I've been awake for the past two hours. I have lots of things to do today in preparation. I've been organizing and trying to do the best I can with the limited space we have here. It's hard to make myself create systems of cleanliness that bypass prettiness, but with a seventeen-month-old running around and wreaking as much havoc as he can I just have to arrange our little home around our present needs and not what will always look best. Someday in either the near or distant future I'll get to satisfy my desire to make a beautiful home. Someday!!! I try not to give it much thought now, though, since I don't know when it will happen. Now I'll settle for making beautiful babies to put in my home.

..And lest we forget Duncan's adorable newborn tininess.. here's one last picture for the day. Excuse the crummy picture quality - these were the days before smart phones.


  1. That picture of ya'll sleepin is about the cutest thing on the planet. His head looks so alien in the cutest possible way!!! haha

  2. I have to agree with Chris' comment above. Y'all are stinkin' cute. (Y'all is a native Texan term, no?)
    I'm glad your mumzie is coming to help you! That'll be so nice I'm sure. I'm sorry you've been sick while pregnant. That sounds miserable.
    I wish we could visit each other again.