Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baby & Mama

Baby & Mama

He's been sick. See that snot? Poor miserable boy.
Then I got sick.
But we still have fun together. (I'm kissing him and he's saying, "Oh Mother!"
He shows me he loves me by kissing all over my face with his open mouth and wiggly tongue.
If you can't tell, he likes me.


  1. Oh you lovely mother. "Open mouth and wiggly tongue" adorable...both the description and the reality. I didn't know you were sick, and I talk to you every day. Lame.

  2. Aww how cute. Who took the pics?

  3. I just scrolled through your blog photos again to find one that I could feast my eyes on. I stopped here...ah, several of these will do. Baby in raptures, open-mouthed glimpse of 6 toofies, mama clamping lips together against onslaught of baby love...
    OK, now my batteries are recharged.

  4. Chris took them, Mike. :)

    Thanks, mama! You're the best.

    And this isn't Chris, despite being signed into his account....